Customer Testimonials

With the Picarro, we have the ability to integrate our GIS information along with other mapping information and asset information… We anticipate in the future to be able to proactively predict when our failures are going to be… At Centerpoint safety is our most important core value…. You are now required to know your system and know what the risks are… We live and work in the very communities that we service, so investments in technology and solutions we make are reducing risk and improving safety each and every day.

Tal Centers, VP Safety & Gas System Integrity, CenterPoint Energy

It creates a treasure trove of information, and we are now able to access and utilize this big data to get work done more efficiently. Because Picarro Surveyor will allow us to conduct more frequent and comprehensive surveys… we are committing to rolling out this innovative technology across our service area.”

Nick Stavropoulos, President, Gas - PG&E

If you can use this type of system and more quickly survey your entire distribution network, it allows you to paint a picture where your biggest risk areas may be and help prioritize sections of pipe to be replaced better than you could in the past… The Picarro system allowed us to tune the devices so that when we did the drive-bys with the frost in the ground, we were able to focus on those larger leaks which posed the highest risk…. The system allowed us to focus our energy and resource on those leaks that posed the greatest risk to the public.”

Sue Fleck, VP Gas Pipeline Safety and Compliance, National Grid

It’s hard not to be a fan of this technology!”

Ronald Bradley, Vice President, Gas - PECO Energy

When I first saw the Picarro technology, I knew it would redefine how we find and fix leaks… We are going to go from 5-year system survey to a 3-year, and eventually 42,000 miles of mains and services every year.”

Steve Redding, Director of Gas Maintenance and Construction - PG&E

For additional information, please see the PG&E Currents website.

We selected Picarro as an Energy Innovation Pioneer because of their unique approach to monitoring fugitive emissions. In a world of growing natural gas production and use, they provide accurate information that enables companies to operate safely and sustainably. Picarro is addressing the big issues and challenges facing the energy industry today and in the future.”

James Rosenfield, Co-founder IHS CERA

Picarro at a glance

  • Over 35 patents owned by Picarro or exclusively licensed from Stanford University
  • Headquarters, R&D, and manufacturing in Santa Clara, California, U.S.A.
  • 145 employees; 45 PhDs in sciences and engineering

Recent Awards: 

  • World Economic Forum Technology Innovation Pioneer
  • Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award
  • IHS CERA Energy Innovation Pioneer
  • U.S. Department of Energy Small Business of the Year

Marquis venture capital investors

  • Benchmark Capital
  • DAG Ventures
  • Focus Ventures
  • Greylock Partners
  • Mingxin China Growth Fund
  • NTT Finance




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